Subliminal advertising might actually work?

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We've spent countless pages in mental_floss talking about how those old subliminal advertising studies from the 1950's were totally bunk (they were... the research was fabricated, and after all the hype the hack scientist, James Vicary, could never duplicate his results). But today, I saw this article in New Scientist, that claims researchers from the Netherlands are actually able to steer people towards preffing one brand of beverage over another through subliminal advertising. I was pretty excited about the study (I'm fascinated by this type of stuff!) until I realized that the scientists claimed that a) the people have to want a product in the first place (in this case, they really have to be thirsty and desperately want a drink for you to be able to subliminally persuade them to pick a certain drink), and b) the drink options for the test group were Lipton Ice Tea and something called Spa Rood, and they scientists somehow managed to convince everyone to choose the Tea. In any case, maybe I'm just skeptical because that's how they want me to feel. Still, I'm fascinated by the possibilities. David Israel wants to buy me a Segway scooter. David Israel wants to buy me a Segway scooter. David Israel wants to buy me a Segway scooter.

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April 28, 2006 - 5:26am
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