We're Lovin' It: McDonald's New $151.81 Sandwich!

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Ok, ok... so the fact is the highly-touted, newly created "world's most-expensive sandwich ever" can't be found on any Golden Arches value menu. That's partially because a) at $151.81 it's hardly a value (even with fries), and b) because it isn't really a fast food product. The wallet-slimming gourmet item is actually the creation of one Scott McDonald, a chef at the London Department store Selfridges, where the finger food is offered. But what exactly makes these sammiches so darn expensive? Evidently, it has nothing to do with the black truffle mayo or the fresh lobe foie gras, and everything to do with the layers of Wagyu beef packed on.

That's because the Japanese cows are raised on a special beer and grain diet, and massaged regularly with sake (the Japanese rice wine!) to make their flesh that much more succulent. And while all this bovine prep work does absolutely *nothing* for the Hindu vegetarian in me... I gotta admit, all this talk of sake and beer does make an alcoholic's mouth water. You can read more about the sandwich here.

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April 27, 2006 - 2:15am
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