As I was scouring New Scientist for good ideas, I noticed that some cats at M.I.T. are working on a device to alert autistic kids when their audience is getting bored, irritated or confused. In fact, the catchy-titled "emotional social intelligence prosthetic" (clearly these guys are better at science than marketing) consists of a very tiny camera, and a handheld device that indicates whether the person you're talking to is "agreeing, disagreeing, concentrating, thinking, unsure or uninterested."

It sounds like it could have fantastic results. In fact, they're even talking about modifying the concept for classrooms to help teachers know when kids aren't grasping concepts. I'm thinking we should get our hands on one of these buggers and send it out with the magazine. (Or maybe I'll just take it clubbing with me.) Anyway, you can read more about it here.