After seeing the story this week on the new Guinness record for largest/longest buffett (510 different dishes on 500 feet of table), I stumbled into TheLongestListofTheLongestStuff Because sometimes it's good to return to your elementary school obsession with Guinness records. Check out the world's longest nose (I really think I had a friend in college who the record keepers just haven't seen), the longest beard (at 17.5 feet and now on display at the Smithsonian - for some reason there's no picture) or the world's longest beard on a woman (11 inches). The site also has a few facts we've covered in earlier issues of mental_floss, such as the world's longest national anthem (Greece's at 158 stanzas!). They also have the fact about mental_floss columnist Ken Jennings holding the record for longest Jeopardy win streak (74 games). So you may be wondering what the picture above is all about. It's the world's longest animal, the Ribbon Worm. It beat out the Blue Whale and the longest dinosaur for the record.