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Gravestone Decorations Have Neighbors' Names

A woman in Saint Clair Shores, Michigan, set out temporary gravestones as Halloween decorations. But they aren't generic stones -they refer to her neighbors by name, by initials, and one even says "RIP Nosey Neighbors." Another says "R. U. Next." The people on her street are not happy about the decorations. They say the dispute began when neighbors complained about a large recreational vehicle the unnamed woman parked in her driveway, and the gravestones were painted in retaliation.

Coffins Stolen for Party

Police in Kielce, Poland, arrested 28-year-old Michalina Illakowicz for stealing three coffins from a local funeral home to use as Halloween party decorations. Illakowicz denies the charge. Funeral director Tadeusz Prusek is baffled at the theft, as he was also going to the party. He said he would have loaned the coffins to Illakowicz if she had asked.

Bank Robber Returns for More Money

Police in Syracuse, New York, arrested Arthur Bundrage when he returned to the scene of the crime -to complain he had been shortchanged. The Alliance Bank was robbed at about 9AM Tuesday when a man demanded $20,000 from a teller. The teller at first refused, then gave the robber an undisclosed amount of money. When he returned to demand the rest of the $20,000, police were waiting, having just responded to the original robbery. Bundrage was taken to the Onondaga County Justice Center pending arraignment.

Purse-snatching Fox Returns Loot

Jeremy Clark of Burgess Hill, West Sussex, England, was leaving home when a fox came up to his wife and grabbed her purse away from her! The fox ran into the bushes with the purse.

But a few minutes later the guilty looking fox crept back into the car park with his bushy tail between his legs. In his mouth was Anna’s bag which he dropped at her feet before running off.

Jeremy added: “I have no idea why, we couldn’t believe it. We see the fox around quite a bit. I think people feed it.”

Apparently, the purse did not contain what the fox was looking for.

Man Attends His Own Wake

Gilberto Araujo's family was gathered to mourn his passing at his mother's home in Alagoinhas, Brazil, when he walked in to explain that he wasn't exactly dead. Araujo works at a car wash in another town and hadn't seen his family in quite some time. When a car wash employee was murdered, Araujo's brother identified the body as his, as the two men bear a resemblance. The body was taken to Alagoinhas for burial, but a friend saw Araujo and told him about his upcoming funeral, prompting the car cleaner to make a mad dash to stop the proceedings. The body has since been identified as Genivaldo Santos Gama.

Stolen Cash Returned …to Bank Robber

Bank manager Otto Neuman embezzled £150,000 in cash and gold from the Erste Bank in Vienna in 1993. He covered up the theft by having accomplices stage a robbery. Of the total, only £51,000 and some gold was recovered when police arrested Neuman. The gold went to the insurer, and the cash was kept as evidence -for nineteen years. Now, the Austrian Justice Ministry is returning the money to Neuman! The insurer compensated the bank for their loss, the gold had appreciated so much in the intervening years that the insurer suffered no loss in the long run, and the ministry feels it has no claim on the cash.

Pierluigi Luceri, Flickr // CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Two Human Toes Were Stolen From an Anatomy Exhibit
Pierluigi Luceri, Flickr // CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Pierluigi Luceri, Flickr // CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

A 28-year-old New Zealand man walked into an anatomy exhibition with 10 toes and walked out with 12. We don't know why or how he did it, but the man stole two human toes from a Body Worlds display in Auckland last month, The New Zealand Herald reports.

The unnamed man appeared in court Monday and pleaded guilty to improperly interfering with the corpse "of an unknown person" and purloining two toes, which alone are valued at about $3800. The motivation for the human remains heist wasn't stated. (Fulfilling a dare seems a likely explanation, or maybe he's just a fan of The Big Lebowski.)

Whatever the reason may be, the story has a happy ending, at least: The digits have since been returned to their rightful place in the "Vital" exhibit, which explores the human body in motion. "Vital," which will remain open in Auckland until July 13, is one of several traveling exhibitions curated by Body Worlds. Two other Body Worlds exhibits are currently on view in the U.S., including "RX" (showcasing the effects of disease) in Toledo, Ohio, and "Animal Inside Out" (an "anatomical safari") in Richmond, Virginia.

The bodies, all of which are donated for exhibition purposes, are preserved via plastination, a process that "replaces bodily fluids and soluble fat in specimens with fluid plastics that harden after vacuum-forced impregnation," according to the Body Worlds website. More than 16,000 people around the world have signed up to donate their bodies after their deaths.

[h/t The New Zealand Herald]

Dominique Faget, AFP/Getty Images
David Lynch's Amazon T-Shirt Shop is as Surreal as His Movies
Dominique Faget, AFP/Getty Images
Dominique Faget, AFP/Getty Images

David Lynch, the celebrated director behind baffling-but-brilliant films like Eraserhead, Blue Velvet, Mulholland Drive, and Twin Peaks, is now selling his equally surreal T-shirts on Amazon.

As IndieWire reports, each shirt bears an image of one of Lynch’s paintings or photographs with an accompanying title. Some of his designs are more straightforward (the shirts labeled “House” and “Whale” feature, respectively, drawings of a house and a whale), while others are obscure (the shirt called “Chicken Head Tears” features a disturbing sculpture of a semi-human face).

This isn’t the first time Lynch has ventured into pursuits outside of filmmaking. Previously, he has sold coffee, designed furniture, produced music, hosted daily weather reports, and published a book about his experience with transcendental meditation. Art, in fact, falls a little closer to Lynch’s roots; the filmmaker trained for years at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts before making his mark in Hollywood.

Lynch’s Amazon store currently sells 57 T-shirts, ranging in size from small to triple XL, all for $26 each. As for our own feelings on the collection, we think they’re best reflected by this T-shirt named “Honestly, I’m Sort of Confused.”

Check out some of our favorites below:

T-shirt that says "Honestly, I'm Sort of Confused"
"Honestly, I'm Sort of Confused"

Buy it on Amazon

T-shirt with a drawing of a sleeping bird on it
"Sleeping Bird"

Buy it on Amazon

T-shirt that says Peace on Earth over and over again. The caption is pretty on the nose.
"Peace on Earth"

Buy it on Amazon

T-shirt with an image of a screaming face made out of turkey with ants in its mouth
"Turkey Cheese Head"

Buy it on Amazon

T-shirt with an odd sculpted clay face asking if you know who it is. You get the idea.
"I Was Wondering If You Know Who I Am?"

Buy it on Amazon

T-shirt with an image of a sculpted head that is not a chicken. It is blue, though.
"Chicken Head Blue"

Buy it on Amazon

T-shirt with a drawing of a lobster on it. Below the drawing, the lobster is labeled with the word lobster. Shocking, I know.

Buy it on Amazon

T-shirt with an abstract drawing of what is by David Lynch's account, at least, a cowboy

Buy it on Amazon

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