The Late Movies: Facebook Songs and Parodies

Facebook celebrated 8 years this February, and in that time it has become a household name. As with any cultural phenomenon, it's the subject of songs and parodies. While some of these scenarios are now out-dated (Facebook has changed a lot in 8 years!), these are still some of our favorite videos about the social networking site.

Warning: Some of these videos contain adult/foul language.

Facebook Manners

The sex and relationships site YourTango created this retro video to humorously illustrate Facebook etiquette, especially as it applies to relationships.

Facebook in Real Life

The British sketch comedy group Idiots of Ants answers the question, "What would Facebook be like in real life?" This clip was on BBC Three.

Songs About Facebook

This "I'm getting bored of Facebook" anti-Facebook anthem was created by the British marketing agency Rebel Virals.

For a more soothing pro-Facebook song, check out this one from the Cheezies, an a cappella group at Miami University (Oxford, OH). It's set to the tune of "All I Have To Do" by the Everly Brothers.

"Facebook Stalkin'" is by one of the most popular a cappella groups, Straight No Chaser, while they were still in their collegiate years at Indiana University.

A hair-metal anthem for Facebook's early college-only users:

This song from musical comedy duo Rhett & Link addresses "Facebook in real life" near the end.

Facebook Back

It might be based on "SexyBack," but this Vietnamese music video is a bit more serious than the rest of this mix -- it was part of a campaign to bring Facebook back after the Vietnamese government blocked access to the site in November 2009.

Facebook Commercial

Students at the University of Southern California created this eHarmony-style Facebook commercial for the campus variety TV show "Exposed."

Facebook Thriller

CollegeHumor created this faux-trailer for a Face/Off-style thriller about college and Facebook.

A Life Told Through Facebook

This video came out before Facebook's Timeline layout, but you can still watch a man grow and change through his profile Facebook. (The audio is fine, but there is NSFW text in the video.)

Why We Hate Facebook

The description for this puppet video from Glove & Boots is a pretty good summation of how many of us feel about Facebook: "We love Facebook. And we hate Facebook."

Any great videos about Facebook that we missed?

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