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The Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships Were Yesterday

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The World Mobile Phone Throwing Championship took place yesterday in the small town of Savonlinna, Finland. In this international, no-holds-barred competition, people from across the globe throw phones as far as possible to win the sought-after grand prize – a new phone.

The Rules

Contestants can’t actually use their own phones (which is probably for the best). Instead, they must select one of the models provided by the organizers. Choosing the perfect phone requires a lot of strategy. There’s a bit of a Goldilocks principle at work – the perfect phone can’t be too light, too heavy, or too pink.

Once competitors have selected their phones, it’s time to let the games begin!

There are two official styles of throwing. First is the traditional over-the-shoulder throw, which is judged solely on distance. This throw has men’s, women’s, and junior divisions. Each competitor gets 2 throws, and only the longest one is measured.

But for non-traditionalists, there’s also the freestyle throw, where contestants are awarded points for creativity. Each competitor only gets one shot – and it better be pretty! An honorable jury evaluates these throws on style and aesthetics, awarding each contestant a score of 1 to 6. Almost anything goes -- some folks toss the phones while juggling or performing acrobatic feats. Others throw with their mouth or punt the phone.

There are also team divisions in both the original and freestyle categories, where groups of up to three people can compete.

The Fate of the Phones

So what happens to the phones once they’ve been tossed? When the winners have been crowned, everyone gathers them up and tapes them up so they can be reused the following year. After all, it would be a shame to waste a perfectly good throwing device.

The Message

The Mobile Phone Championship -- first organized by the translation company Fennolingua in 2000 -- is about more than furiously chucking cell phones. It’s also a respite from today’s plugged-in world. The organization’s website states, “A part of the philosophy is also a spiritual freedom from being available all the time.”

It’s also a tongue-in-cheek jab at Finland’s consumers. When it comes to cell phones, Fins are notoriously fashion conscious, frequently replacing perfectly functional phones the instant newer, sleeker models come around.

And the Winner Is...

Finland’s Ete Ere Karjalainen took home the gold and set a new record, chucking his mobile device an astounding 101.46 meters (333 feet). The 18-year-old told Reuters he prepared for the event by "mainly drinking."

For the rest of results, check out the competition’s website.

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Little Baby's Ice Cream
Pizza and Cricket Cake Are Just Some of the Odd Flavors You'll Find at This Philadelphia Ice Cream Shop
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Little Baby's Ice Cream

Ice cream flavors can get pretty out-there, thanks to the growing number of creative scoop shops willing to take risks and broaden their customers’ horizons beyond chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. Intrepid foodies can cool off with frozen treats that taste like horseradish, foie gras, and avocado, while Philadelphia's Little Baby’s Ice Cream is pushing the boundaries of taste with chilly offerings like everything bagel, Maryland BBQ, ranch, and cricket cake.

Cricket-flavored ice cream, created by Philadelphia-based Little Baby's Ice Cream
Little Baby's Ice Cream

Everything Bagel-flavored ice cream, created by Philadelphia-based Little Baby's Ice Cream
Little Baby's Ice Cream

As Lonely Planet News reports, Little Baby’s Ice Cream launched its first signature “oddball” ice cream—Earl Grey sriracha—in 2011. Since then, its rotating menu has only gotten quirkier. In addition to the aforementioned flavors, customers who swing by Little Baby’s this summer can even try pizza ice cream.

The store created the savory flavor in 2011, to celebrate neighborhood eatery Pizza Brain’s inclusion into Guinness World Records for its vast collection of pizza memorabilia. The savory, Italian-esque snack is made from ingredients like tomato, basil, oregano, salt, and garlic—and yes, it actually tastes like pizza, Little Baby’s co-owner Pete Angevine told Lonely Planet News.

Pizza-flavored ice cream, made by Philadelphia-based Little Baby's Ice Cream
Little Baby's Ice Cream

“Frequently, folks will see it on the menu and be incredulous, then be convinced to taste it, giggle, talk about how surprised they are that it really tastes just like pizza … and then order something else,” Angevine said. “That’s just fine. Just as often though, they’ll end up getting a pizza milkshake!”

Little Baby’s flagship location is in Philadelphia's East Kensington neighborhood, but customers can also sample their unconventional goods at additional outposts in West Philadelphia, Baltimore, and a pop-up stand in Washington, D.C.’s Union Market. Just make sure to bring along a sense of adventure, and to leave your preconceived notions of what ice cream should taste like at home.

[h/t Lonely Planet]

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Warby Parker
Warby Parker Is Giving Away Free Eclipse Glasses in August
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Warby Parker

When this year’s rare “all-American” total solar eclipse comes around on August 21, you’ll want to be prepared. Whether you’re chasing the eclipse to Kentucky or viewing it from your backyard, you’ll need a way to watch it safely. That means an eclipse filter over your telescope, or specially designed eclipse glasses.

For the latter, you can just show up at your nearest Warby Parker, and their eye experts will hand over a pair of eclipse glasses. The stores are giving out the free eye protectors throughout August. The company’s Nashville store is also having an eclipse party to view the celestial event on the day-of.

Get your glasses early, because you don’t want to miss out on this eclipse, which will cross the continental U.S. from Oregon to South Carolina. There are only so many total solar eclipses you’ll get to see in your lifetime, after all.


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