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Morning Cup of Links: Fun with 'Game of Thrones'

Miss Cellania

These links are a great way to kickstart your work week!

Watching Frank Sung Play with Cards is Mesmerizing

Mental Floss Studios

The elegant way cardist Frank Sung manipulates hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades will put your riffle shuffle to shame.

A Hidden Netflix Feature Lets You Request Movies and TV Shows

Jay Serafino

Netflix isn't streaming your favorite TV show from the '90s? Let 'em know!

5 Questions: Fly Me!

Pass rate:75 %
Backwards navigation:Forbidden

Overnight, Bulgaria's Capital Gets the City's First Monuments to Women

Shaunacy Ferro

One artist secretly installed seven busts of herself.

Remembering MiniDisc, the Audio Format that Flopped in America

Chris Higgins

Players cost $750 at launch...in 1992.

Here’s How Many Books You Can Expect to Read Before You Die

Michele Debczak

This table might inspire you to cut down your reading list.

12 Facts For Tennessee Williams's Birthday

Mark Mancini

Born on March 26, 1911, Tennessee Williams is best known for having written such classic plays as The Glass Menagerie, A Streetcar Named Desire, and Cat On a Hot Tin Roof.

The Strangest Job Title Queen Elizabeth I Ever Gave Anyone

Mental Floss Studios

Messages in bottles may be a fun thing to find now, but Queen Elizabeth I took them a little more seriously.

Recreating the 'Asteroids' Video Game Using Lasers

Chris Higgins

Yes, a frickin' laser.

This Week's Best Amazon Deals You Can Still Get

Smart Shopping Team

From the Smart Shopping team...

On This Day in 1953, Jonas Salk Announced His Polio Vaccine

Chris Higgins

He saved kids' lives and became a celebrity.

Take a Virtual Tour of Tokyo in Only Four Minutes

Kirstin Fawcett

Christoph Gelep's timelapse film, "Hello Tokyo," highlights city attractions both old and new.

Get Edvard Munch Bandages Worth Screaming About

Rebecca OConnell

'The Scream' really works in bandage form.

Watch: The Economics of Airline Class

Chris Higgins

"The 14 passengers at the front of the plane bring in more money for the airline than the 122 in the back."