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50 Verbose Verbs To Drop Into Everyday Conversation

Paul Anthony Jones

If you’re grandiloquent, then you like to use extravagant, high-flown words—precisely like the 50 verbs listed here, which either refer to everyday activities or else can be used in place of everyday

45 Minutes of Scary Stories, Courtesy of Freddy Krueger

Anna Green

Back in the 1980s, you could call a 1-900 number to talk to Freddy Krueger.

Save Trips to the Bookstore With Book of the Month Club

Andrew LaSane

Every month, the subscription service sends you picks from a curated list.

Sideways Swimming Is More Efficient for Hammerhead Sharks

Michele Debczak

It may look silly, but it serves an important purpose.

Morning Cup of Links: Pokémon Baby Names

Miss Cellania

12 Facts About the Election of 1800

Mark Mancini

The Broadway musical Hamilton will soon open in Chicago—so now is the perfect time to talk about one of Act II's most pivotal songs: "The Election of 1800." The actual event was even mo

How to Pick the Perfect Pair of Glasses for Your Face Shape

Kirstin Fawcett

See the world clearly—and look stylish, too.

5 Questions: Here and Now

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Supercut Shows 'Stranger Things' Side by Side With Its Inspirations

Anna Green

If you love the many cinematic references in the Netflix series, you'll love seeing just how loyal some of the shots really are.

Picture Book 'Women in Science' Captures Little-Known Stories of Pioneers

Kate Horowitz

Rachel Ignotofsky’s illustrations and stories aim to turn pioneering women like Katherine Johnson and Mary Anning into household names.

Here’s How to Make a Latte Without Milk or an Espresso Machine

Anna Green

A frothy latte can be yours with coffee beans and a bit of xanthan gum.

This Pocket-Sized Gadget Shows If You've Evenly Applied Sunscreen

Kirstin Fawcett

Goodbye, painful (and awkward) sunburns.

This Colorful Ingredient Turns Cocktails Into Litmus Tests

Michele Debczak

All it takes is a little acid.

An Orangutan in Indianapolis Has Learned to Ape Human Speech

Kate Horowitz

Rocky’s ability to reproduce human-like noises contradicts the idea that apes can only ever use the sounds they’ve always used.

Smithsonian's National Museum of American History to Hire a Beer Historian

Kirstin Fawcett

We'll raise our glasses to this initiative.