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Scientists Decode the Secret of Glowing Mushrooms

Kate Horowitz

Unsurprisingly, it's weird.

6 Children Who Famously Followed in Their Parents' Footsteps

Jeff Wells

These apples didn't fall far from the tree, professionally speaking.

Morning Cup of Links: The Journal of the Whills

Miss Cellania

We've got the links you need to start your day right!

Why Do Our Bodies Need Electrolytes?

Kirstin Fawcett

Find out what they are, the role they play in our bodies, and whether electrolyte-packed drinks like Gatorade are really all they're cracked up to be.

How a Pelican Survives a 40-Foot Drop Into the Ocean With No Broken Bones

Shaunacy Ferro

It's more dangerous than it looks.

Nike and Converse Team Up to Give Chuck Taylors a Makeover

Rebecca OConnell

They're on sale today.

The Shakespeare Fraud That Tricked Late 18th Century London

Paul Anthony Jones

In the 1790s, a teenager fooled London into thinking he was Shakespeare.

JFK's Wartime Diary Sells for $718,750

Jake Rossen

The 61-page document contains thoughts on Stalin, Hitler, and Kennedy's political ambitions.

Watch How Neon Lights Are Made

Mental Floss Studios

It's an illuminating marriage of chemistry and craftsmanship.

14 Things You Might Not Know About ‘Aliens’

Eric D Snider

In space, no one can hear you scream (not even the second time around).

Your Shakespeare-Inspired Script Could Win You $25,000

Shaunacy Ferro

Over the next 20 years, a Virginia theater company is looking to produce plays that "vibe off" the Bard’s work.

Climate Change Has Forced Mussels to Toughen Up

Kate Horowitz

Blue mussels have evolved stronger shells to protect themselves against rising acid levels in the Baltic Sea.

NASA Is Developing an Inflatable Greenhouse to Use on Mars

Shaunacy Ferro

NASA and researchers at the University of Arizona are building a greenhouse that can mimic conditions on Earth to feed astronauts on the moon and on Mars.

5 Ways to Control Your Lifestyle Inflation

Kristin Wong

Think twice before using your raise to move into a larger home or upgrade your wardrobe.

Astro, an AI Email App, Is Here to Help You Finally Clean Out Your Inbox

Michele Debczak

Your unread messages become a little less daunting when you have a bot to guide you through them.